I began hypnobirthing with Steph when I was 26 weeks pregnant and it was honestly one of the best decisions I made throughout my pregnancy. The course Steph provided helped my birth massively as it helped me to be calm and relaxed throughout. Although I didn't get the birth I’d first wished for due to my labour starting early with my waters breaking and I chose to be induced. I still had the most amazing birth experience due to the breathing and calming skills I learnt. It helped me stay in control throughout, as I understood what my body was doing and needed me to do.


The course allowed me to be knowledgeable about pregnancy and labour and got me well and truly prepared for the big day. Steph is fantastic and delivered the hypnobirthing and antenatal course with such a personal touch for myself and my partner.

Emelie & Benjamin

My partner and I have just completed the weekend hypnobirthing course with Steph and would highly recommend it. We learned so much and now feel so much more prepared for and knowledgeable about birth. 


It is our first baby and like many other women I was very nervous about labour and birth, as so often you only ever hear the bad bits. Steph has helped me to feel so much more confident, has shown me where to find and research positive birth stories and how to prepare myself to keep calm throughout labour and birth. 


Steph also gave my partner a lot of confidence and made it clear that his role throughout labour is so important. This has made him feel sure of his role and empowered to question the hospital staff so we don't feel pressured to go down a route we don't feel comfortable with. There are also a lot of relaxation techniques and tools we can use together, making my partner feel more involved and me feel very supported. 


Steph is a fantastic teacher, very knowledgeable and passionate about birth and could answer our thousands of questions so well! 


Steph has helped me to trust and believe in my body's ability, empowered me to believe in myself and to actually look forward to labour!


We are both very grateful and would say to anyone considering this course, go for it! You will absolutely not regret it.

Rhiannon & Alex

We did the one to one hypnobirthing course with Steph to prepare us for the birth of my second baby and it was the best thing we ever did.

Although the birth of my first son was a positive experience, there were a few things that didn’t go the way I’d hoped. I didn’t really feel like I understood what my options were throughout labour and birth or how to cope during it all. Steph provided us with a huge amount of knowledge that made us feel prepared, confident and ready for the birth. We learned lot’s of great techniques that helped us throughout labour and best of all, the one to one session meant that we could ask anything we wanted to and get even more out of the sessions. The hypnobirthing made me feel so relaxed during my labour and gave me the confidence to labour with no drugs. It gave me this “I can do this” attitude that I didn’t realise I had in me.


I can’t thank Steph enough for everything, not only is she great at what she does, but she’s also a trained midwife, she is relatable because she has 3 beautiful children herself and best of all she’s one of the nicest people you’ll meet.

Abby & John

After the excitement of getting pregnant sunk in, it soon doomed on me that I’d need to get the thing out. I was really anxious at the thought of giving birth, so after a friend’s recommendation of hypnobirthing, I decided to book onto a course.

From the offset Steph’s communication has been second to none. She was quick to reply and very informative.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 we only managed one face to face session. Steph was quick to improvise and covered the rest of the course virtually. At first I was a bit unenthused at the prospect of completing the rest of the course via web camera, however, I was completely converted. It was nice being able to sit at home, in my PJs and having food & drink to hand. Please don’t let the virtual concept put you off!

The course itself was great. Plenty of interesting content and my husband and I have come away with more knowledge than we’d expected. 

Completing this course has really put my mind at ease and given me the confidence to embrace birth, to the point where I am actually looking forward to it.

Steph is fantastic. She carriers a wealth of knowledge and experience, she is friendly, approachable and adaptable. You won’t be disappointed if you book your hypnobirthing course with her. 

Aeysha & Elliot

As expectant parents, we were very anxious about what to expect from our pregnancy & birthing journey.


Steph’s Hypnobirthing course was exactly what we needed to alleviate these anxieties. Steph could not have done more to answer our questions and the course was also fascinating and highly informative. I recommend this to any expectant parents.


The impact of social distancing & Covid-19 did not hinder our experience either, Steph quickly adapted the course and continued to provide us with updated information during an ever-changing time period.

Aisling & Tom

I'm so relieved we booked on Steph's hypnobirthing course! Due to Coronavirus, we only managed one session in person but Steph immediately adapted the course to deliver online - which worked really well! We had the added benefit of chilling on the sofa whilst learning too.

Steph's course has been hugely informative and taken away so much of the 'fear of the unknown' for us. As well as giving us tools to keep calm and happy as our due date approaches. 

Especially important in times of COVID-19, Steph is really supportive and shows a real interest in how you are and what she can do to help each couple in the group. I know she is always on the end of the phone if we have any concerns. 

I'm looking forward to a Shropshire Mama Meet when the lockdown is over. 

Thanks for everything Steph! You've been brilliant :)

Sophia & Pete

Steph's hypnobirthing classes gave us both a great understanding of what to expect and the choices that we had in positive and relaxed sessions. Her wealth of knowledge and experience made the prospect of birth less scary and she provided great support throughout pregnancy and birth.

We met lovely people on the course who have become friends and a great sounding board throughout pregnancy and the newborn weeks, giving each other confidence and support.

Sam & Mark

The most valuable time we spent during pregnancy ❤


Before the course, I was nervous about pregnancy and labour and as a couple, we didn't really know what to expect. The knowledge we gained made us feel prepared (as much as you can be!) and gave us the confidence to be assertive.


We had a really positive birth experience, thank you Steph!

Alex & Ed

After a difficult first birth experience, I was keen to be more in control the second time. However, I wasn’t sure that I had the time for a hypnobirthing course with a full time job and a little boy and I wasn’t sure hypnobirthing was for me and my partner. However, Steph was more than happy to tailor her advice to suit my circumstances. Her hypnobirthing materials and support were fantastic. I felt like I could ask her any questions I had during my pregnancy and she always responded quickly with supporting information which really put my mind at ease and helped me make the right decisions for myself and my baby.


Thanks to Steph, I felt confident in my second pregnancy and had a wonderful birth experience with my little girl. I can’t recommend her enough