'Pulling up the draw bridge' Postnatal Lockdown!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Does that phrase seem even more apt at the moment?

Pre Covid-19 I would encourage all new parents to close the front door and enjoy the newborn bubble. To accept visitors only when they felt ready and to not feel pressured. Well in some weird and wonderful way - this is exactly what you have to do.


It may not be how you envisioned the early days/ weeks at home with a newborn and seeing NOBODY isn’t ideal either. I also know that in some areas postnatal home visits by a midwife have been stopped and instead you receive telephone calls. This makes me incredibly sad that those mums won’t be receiving hands-on support and care when it is really needed. But the health of the family and health care professionals has got to come first.

Once you are ready to go out and about - for now, this won’t be to visit family and friends or even to your local coffee shop! It’s ok to feel sad and angry regarding all of the above, I know I would be!

So how can we make this harsh reality a little easier?

Postnatal phone calls with you midwife

Prior to the phone call, write down EVERY question that pops into your head. No question is too small or silly -trust me! Ensure it is written down as sleep deprivation + phone call = blank mind.

Postnatal Doulas & Lactation consultants

You can search for postnatal doulas on The Doula Directory. Virtually they can be on hand to help, support and offer that much-needed reassurance. If you plan to breastfeed think about finding a breastfeeding consultant - they are worth their weight in gold. I know many of them also provide this virtually via video calls. There are also so many Instagram accounts that have a wealth of information @imogenibclc @mindfulbreastfeedingcoach @MilkMakingMama to name a few.

Breastfeeding support helplines

NHS Online

National Breastfeeding helpline 0300 100 0212

La Leche League GB 0345 120 2918 - there is a charge for this helpline


I can highly recommend the expert help and guidance from @komu_uk online. They have a comprehensive kit that will take you through all aspects of prepping for the postnatal period and parenthood.

Download a group video calling app

I think most people have done this by now, but if you haven’t it is something I would definitely recommend. You can call to chat with family and friends and virtually introduce your beautiful baby. You can still make special memories and record and then share them. My husband’s parents and sister live in Norway. We always stay in contact via virtual video calls. Of late we have played many quizzes and card games together. Granted it isn’t as good as being there with them, but it is certainly better than nothing

Online baby groups and virtual meets.

Again so many baby groups have gone virtual. Baby massage and yoga is still 100% possible. We have all adapted so quickly to the ‘new normal’. I have also seen a good few Facebook groups created to support new parents during these unusual times. If you can find a local one join it and introduce yourselves. Once coronavirus is more controlled and the lockdown has been lifted you can all meet face to face. A local virtual meet up in Shropshire is by Luci from @bohobirthcollective

Online physiotherapists

Your body has been through an awful lot of changes over the past 9/10 months. Pelvic floor issues, perineal scars, caesarean section scars, prolapses, aches especially in your neck and back all of these issues will still occur even during a pandemic. There is a wealth of information and support out there on social media @clarebournephysio is amazing and a relatively new mummy herself.

I have a guest blog this week from a lovely local photographer. Showing you how to catch those perfect moments.

I hope the above is of some use. What a strange world we live in at the moment!

Stay safe & stay well.

Pleases know that you are never alone and please reach out if you would like to talk.

You can do this

You will do it

You ARE doing this

You are not alone

Love Steph x

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