If you are on this page the chances are that you are pregnant - congratulations. You have most likely been googling all things birth related, trying to settle your growing anxieties. Everywhere you look it appears birth and pain are paired together. Books, web pages, the media and even glorified birth stories from well meaning friends! Somewhere you may have stumbled across the word 'HYPNOBIRTHING'

and now you are intrigued!

So what is Hypnobirthing I hear you ask?

In my opinion the term ‘hypnobirthing’ does a disservice to what is actually being offered. If it wasn’t for its silly name I think all Mums to be would do it, without question! It makes you think of tie-dye wearing, dreadlocks growing, sitting around a campfire.... Resulting in something so far fetched that surely it couldn’t be possible?!

In fact hypnobirthing is logical, gentle, evidence-based - and it also actually works! The course that we offer is a little more than JUST hypnobirthing. Using the techniques of the KG Hypnobirthing programme, it will give you, your baby and your birth partner a set of tools that you can use throughout labour in order to feel more relaxed and in control of your birth. You learn to work with your body to make labour quicker, more straight forward and a lot more comfortable.

It’s an alternative to traditional birth preparation courses as it focuses only on the positives and how you can work with your body and rewire the brain to not ‘fear’ birth. The course will show you how to prepare. This means understanding your body, understanding your baby, understanding your mind and understanding your options. The course will cover the physiology of birth, hormones and labour, self help in early labour, stages of labour, breathing and relaxation, massage, overcoming anxiety, how to naturally encourage labour, optimal position of baby, positions for birth, water birth, complementary therapies and the third stage of labour. It will also show you how to navigate the maternity system, gather information and make positive, personalised choices that feel right for you and your baby. There are many choices in birth, many more than you first realise.


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